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Thank you!

A little over two years ago, Ready For Hillary began with two volunteers and a P.O. box. The goal was simple: channel the enthusiasm for a potential Hillary campaign in every corner of the country and convert it into a movement capable of sending Hillary to the White House in 2016.

Today we've achieved that goal by building an unprecedented grassroots movement with over 4 million identified supporters and more than 135,000 donors, who have made over 215,000 separate contributions. We have raised over $15 million and received more than 55,000 contributions of the symbolic $20.16. Ready for Hillary has held over 1,300 events in all 50 states, Washington, D.C., Puerto Rico, Guam, and with Democrats Abroad in 5 different countries. This movement has also received the backing of hundreds of elected officials all across the country. Together, we sent the unmistakable and undeniable message that America is ready for Hillary — we could not have done it with you!

We cannot say thank you enough to the more than 4 million individuals who stepped up and said they were Ready! We also have a special thank you to the members of our National Finance Council who helped to provide a strong foundation for this effort.

National Finance Council ​Co-Chairs

  Aníbal Acevedo Vilá, Puerto Rico   Paul Adler, New York
  Jill Alper, Michigan   Roger Altman, New York
  Christian Archer, Texas   James Attwood, New York
  Sandra and Stewart Bainum, Maryland   Freddy Balsera, Florida
  Mark Banks, Florida   Leonard Barrack, Pennsylvania
  Woody Bassett, Arkansas   Jack Bendheim, New York
  Marc Benioff, California   Lynne Benioff, California
  Daniel Berger, Pennsylvania   Jane Bergner, Washington, DC
  Scott Bessent, New York   The Honorable James and Janet Blanchard, Michigan
  Mary Pat Bonner, Washington, DC   Margaret Branch, New Mexico
  Thomas Bredt, California   Brad Brian, California
  Eli Broad, California   Michael Bronfein, Maryland
  Edgar Bronfman, New York   Sheila Bronfman, Arkansas
  McClain Bryant, Missouri   The Honorable Irene Bueno, Washington, DC
  Warren Buffett, Nebraska   Miguel Bustos, California
  Alonzo Cantu, Texas   Jennifer Carrico, California
  Marcy Carsey, California   The Honorable Martin Chavez, New Mexico
  Eunu Chun, New York   Alan Clendenin, Florida
  Andrew and Holly Clubok, Washington, DC   Betsy Cohn, New York
  Shelly Kapoor Collins, California   Kevin Conlon, Illinois
  The Honorable Jim Cooper, Tenessee   Chris Cormier, Washington, DC
  The Honorable Jon Corzine, New Jersey   Betty Cotton, New York
  Bruce Cozadd, California   The Honorable John Cranley, Ohio
  Ian Cumming, Wyoming   Annette Cumming, Wyoming
  Abby Disney, California   Judy Dlugacz, California
  Francisco Domenech, Puerto Rico   Marie Donoghue, New York
  Donald Dunn, Utah   Pamela Eakes, Washington
  Patricia Edington, Alabama   Sharon Elghanayan Corzine, New York
  Peter Emerson, New York   Janice Enright, Washington, DC
  Ethan Epstein, New Mexico   Richard Eskind, Tennessee
  Jane Eskind, Tennessee   Ronald and Frayda Feldman, Florida
  Jesse Ferrer, Texas   Sakurako Fisher, California
  Rich Fitzgerald, Pennsylvania   Christiana Foglio, New Jersey
  Jeff Forbes, Washington, DC   Edie Fraser, Washington, DC
  Bill Freeman, Tennessee   Glen Fukushima, DC
  Karen Fullerton, California   Larry Gagosian, New York
  Richard Garriott, Texas   Laetitia Garriott De Cayeux, Texas
  Faith Gay, New York   Tim Gill, Colorado
  Sarah Godlewski, Colorado   Paul Goldenberg, California
  Douglas Goldman, California   John Goldman, California
  Lisa Goldman, California   Marcia Goldman, California
  Amy Goldman Fowler, New York   Cammy Gordon, California
  Howard Gordon, California   Matt Gorman, Washington, DC
  Julia Gouw, California   Justin Gray, Washington, DC
  Eric Greenberg, California   Ashley Gregory, New York
  Cynthia Guerrero, California   Agnes Gund, New York
  Geoff Gund, New York   The Honorable Kathryn Hall, Texas
  Ruel Hamilton, Texas   Patrick Hannah, North Carolina
  Debra Hauser, Connecticut   Sharon Hoffman, California
  Patricia Hoppey, Washington, DC   James Hormel, California
  Ada Horwich, California   Cliff Hudson, Oklahoma
  Lane Hudson, Washington, DC   Harold Ickes, Washington, DC
  Jill Iscol, New York   Irwin Jacobs, California
  Joan Jacobs, California   Ken Jarin, Connecticut
  Cynthia Jasso-Rotunno, Washington, DC   David Jones, Washington, DC
  Ashley Judd, California   Walter Kaye, New York
  Skip Keesal, California   Chris Kelly, California
  Michael Kempner, New York   Alan Kessler, Pennsylvania
  Daniel Kessler, Pennsylvania   Caitlin Kraft-Buchman, New York
  Anne Kroeker, Washington   Barbara Lee, Massachusetts
  Thomas Lee, New York   Miyoung Lee, New York
  Ginger Lew, Florida   Dorothy Lichtenstein, New York
  Lisa Lickstein, Florida   Austin Ligon, Texas
  Jerry Lundergan, Kentucky   Ken Martin, Minnesota
  Garry Mauro, Texas   Win McCormack, Oregon
  Dennis Mehiel, New York   Karen Mehiel, New York
  Margo Miller, London   Leslie Miller, Pennsylvania
  Scott Miller, Colorado   Olan Mills, Tennessee
  Regina Montoya, Texas   Amber Mostyn, Texas
  Steve Mostyn, Texas   Charles Myers, New York
  Daniel Neidich, New York   Susan Ness, Washington, DC
  Jadine Nielsen, Hawaii   The Honorable Fabian Nunez, California
  Brian O'Dwyer, New York   Kevin O'Keefe, Illinois
  The Honorable Lyndon Olson, Texas   Vance Opperman, Minnesota
  Jo Ousterhout, Washington, DC   Recep Ozkan, New York
  Gokhan Ozkok, New York   J. David Page, Florida
  Doug Palmer, New Jersey   Lazar Palnick, Pennsylvania
  Paul Pandian, Texas   John Park, New York
  Carrin Patman, Texas   Robert Patton, Texas
  Carol Pensky, Washington, DC   Bob Poe, Florida
  Shelly Porges, Washington, DC   Laurene Powell Jobs, California
  Roberto Prats, Puerto Rico   Audre Rapoport, Texas
  The Honorable Edward Rendell, Pennsylvania   Sanford Robertson, California
  Jeanne Robertson, California   Robert Roche, Nevada
  Laura Ross, New York   Clifford Ross, New York
  Shelley Rubin, New York   Fiona Rudin, New York
  Bill Rudin, New York   Tara Rudman, Texas
  Archie Schaffer, Arkansas   The Honorable Arthur Schechter, Texas
  Regina Scully, California   Jennifer Selendy, New York
  Niranjan Shah, Illinois   Smita Shah, Illinois
  Cynthia Shapira, Pennsylvania   Rajesh Sharma, Maryland
  David Shaw, New York   Ann Sheffer, Connecticut
  Stephen Silberstein, California   Marilyn Simons, New York
  Karen Skelton, California   Deborah Slaner Larkin, New York
  Kathleen Sloane, New York   George Soros, New York
  Robert Soros, New York   Barbaralee Spielvogel, New York
  Steve Spinner, California   Marc Stanley, Texas
  Susie Stern, New York   Stephanie Stewart, London
  Barbara Stiefel, Florida   Steven Stogel, Missouri
  Larry Stone, California   Jon Stryker, Michigan
  Richard Sullivan, North Carolina   Donald Sussman, Maine
  The Honorable Ellen Tauscher, Washington, DC   The Honorable Kathy Taylor, Oklahoma
  Ann Tenenbaum, New York   Ursula Terrasi, Missouri
  Susie Tompkins Buell, California   Douglas Troxel, Hawaii
  The Honorable Eleni Tsakopoulos-Kounalakis, California   Michael Turpen, Oklahome
  John Tyson, Arkansas   Suzanna Valdez, Florida
  Henry van Ameringen, New York   Joe Velasquez, Washington, DC
  Patricia Villareal, Texas   Sandra Wagenfeld, Connecticut
  Judith Wagner, Colorado   Alice Walton, Arkansas
  Claude Wasserstein, New York   Mikal Watts, Texas
  The Honorable Wellington Webb, Colorado   Julie Wertz, California
  Steve Westly, California   Bill Wong, California
  Charles Woo, California   Daphna Ziman, California


National Finance Council ​Members

  Martha Aasen, Connecticut   Joyce Aboussie, Missouri
  Lynda Abshire, Connecticut   Eleanor Acheson, Washington, DC
  Sari Agatston, Florida   Maria Allwin, Connecticut
  David Anderson, Illinois   Javier Angulo, California
  Esther Ann Asch, New York   Mona Ayoub, New Jersey
  Averill Babson, Connecticut   Claudine Bacher, New York
  Ambassador Elizabeth Bagley, Washington, DC   Nancy Bagley, Washington
  Ken Bailey, Texas   Amy Baker, Utah
  Alec Baldwin, New York   Luis Bared, Puerto Rico
  The Honorable Ben Barnes, Texas   Bill Bartmann, Oklahoma
  William Barzee, Florida   Patricia Bauman, Washington, DC
  Allen Becker, Texas   Daniel Becnel Jr, Louisiana
  Nancy Beeuwkes, Massachusetts   Rein Beeuwkes, Massachusetts
  Gireesh Bembalkar, West Virginia   Gene Benavides, California
  Hank Bennett, Oklahoma   Clover Bergmann, New York
  Patricia Bernardi, Pennsylvania   Georgia Berner, Pennsylvania
  Richard Bieder, Connecticut   Eryn Bingle, Connecticut
  Jean-Marc Blanchard, California   Jeff Bleich, California
  William Bloss, Connecticut   Lisa Blue Baron, Texas
  Sheldon Bonovitz, Pennsylvania   Andrew Borrok, New York
  Charles Borrok, New York   Elise Boyan, Texas
  Katherine Bradley, Washington, DC   Terrie Brady, Florida
  Debbie Branson, Texas   Stephanie Breslow, New York
  Jessica Bronfein, Maryland   Ann Brown, Florida
  Stuart Brunson, Tenessee   Skip Brutkiewicz, Alabama
  Otto Budig, Ohio   John Bumgarner, Oklahoma
  Anne Busquet, New York   Peter Buttenwieser, Pennsylvania
  Andrew Byrd, Tennessee   Laurie Campbell, New York
  Louis Cappelli, New York   Glenn Caron, California
  Samantha Casne, Washington   Carol Caughey, Washington
  Ricardo Cedillo, Texas   Francisco Cerezo, Florida
  Anne Chao, Texas   JoAnn Chase, Washington, DC
  Dana Chasin, Washington, DC   Rashid Chaudary, Illinois
  Mike Cherry, Illinois   Patricia Cherry, Illinois
  Steve Chon, New York   Steven Chotin, Colorado
  Henry Cisneros, Texas   Taj Clayton, Texas
  Bob Clifford, Illinois   Sean Coffey, New York
  Stuart Coleman, New York   Andrea Conte, Tennessee
  Quarrier Cook, New Mexico   Kaitlin Cooke, Washington, DC
  Bruce Corwin, California   David Crane, New Jersey
  Jerry Crawford, Iowa   Ana Cruz, Florida
  Lewis Cullman, New York   Lanny Davis, Maryland
  Michael Deckert, New Jersey   Carlos Del Toro, Virginia
  Isabella Delahoussaye, New Jersey   Joseph Deutsch, New York
  Harris Devor, Pennsylvania   Beth DeWoody Rudin, New York
  Suzanne Dietz, New York   Wallace Dietz, Tennessee
  Arrington Dixon, Washington, DC   John Donohue, Massachusetts
  Michael Douglas, California   Beth Dozoretz, New York
  Cynthia Drew, New York   John Dubinsky, Missouri
  Patricia Duff, New York   Shefali Razdan Duggal, California
  Rob Dugger, Virginia   Ingrid Duran, Washington, DC
  Al Dwoskin, Virginia   John Dwyer, California
  Robert Dyson, New York   Virginia Edington, Alabama
  Martin Elling, New York   Elissa Epstein, New York
  Linda Fairstein, New York   Frances Fayard, Louisiana
  Rajiv Fernando, Illinois   John Ferring, Missouri
  Fran Flanagan, California   Ruth Flinkman-Marandy, California
  Ben Flinkman-Marandy, California   Lulu Flores, Texas
  Roger Follis, California   Fritz Folts, Massachusetts
  Cathy Folts, Massachusetts   Doreen Frasca, New York
  Scott Freda, Pennsylvania   Eric Friedberg, New York
  Monte Friedkin, Florida   Cynthia Friedman, Florida
  Dick Friedman, Massachusetts   David Friedman, California
  Gail Furman, New York   Meera Gandhi, New York
  Lisa Garcia Quiroz,   Judy Gaynor, Illinois
  Nan and Chuck Geschke, California   Leslie Gilbert-Laurie, California
  Lukin Gilliland Jr, Texas   Tom Girardi, California
  Michelle Goff, Michigan   Barbara Goldstein, New York
  Richard Gordon, Washington, DC   Kay Goss, Virginia
  Melanie Gray, Texas   Andrea Gray, Florida
  Stephen Green, New York   Francis Greenburger, New York
  Gloria Greenstein, New York   Joan Griffin, New Mexico
  Norma Grill, Florida   Pamela Grissom, Arizona
  Gail Griswold, Texas   Rich Guggenheime, California
  Jeffrey Gural, New York   Murat Guzel, Pennsylvania
  Fred Hagans, Texas   Forrest Hainline, California
  Carole Hankin, New York   Ryan Harkins, Washington
  Bryan Harris, Texas   Sam Heins, Minnesota
  Mark Heising, California   Daniela Helfet, California
  Timothy Helfet, California   Rebecca Hernreich, Colorado
  Millie Herrera, Florida   Elizie Higginbottom, Illinois
  Harry Hill, Japan   Seema Hingorani, New York
  Irene Hirono, California   Elise Hoffman, Washington, DC
  Karen Hofmeister, Texas   L. Tyrone Holt, Colorado
  Joan Huffer, Virginia   Fern Hurst, New York
  Jay Jacobs, New York   Kenneth Jacobsen, Pennsylvania
  Ivan Jecklin, Virginia   Neville Johnson, California
  Kristina Johnson, Washington, DC   Tharon Johnson, Georgia
  Allison Jones, Louisiana   Floyd Jones, Washington
  State Senator Arthenia Joyner, Florida   Megha Kadakia, California
  Cheryl Kaeser, New York   Stephen Kahng, California
  Altan Kalayci, Georgia   Julie Kane, New York
  Drew Katz, New Jersey   Leslie Katz, California
  Bernadette Keller, Illinois   Patricia Kenner, New York
  Amed Khan, New York   Paul Kiesel, California
  Loren Kieve, California   Robert Kieve, California
  Payal Kindiger, California   Representative Herb Klein, New York
  Michael Kosoff, Connecticut   Orin Kramer, New York
  Terry Kramer, California   Peter Kraus, Texas
  Michelle Kraus, California   George Krumme, Oklahoma
  Leonard Lauder, New York   Richard Lawrence, Ohio
  Ira Leesfield, Florida   Francine Lefrak, New York
  Janni Lehrer-Stein, California   Thomas Leonard, Pennsylvania
  Greg Levenson, New Mexico   Ann Lewis, Maryland
  Loida Nicolas Lewis, New York   Ricki Lieberman, New York
  Rob Lipp, California   Adam and Denise Lipson, New York
  William and Helen Little, New York   Ruthann Lorentzen, Washington
  Luther Lowe, California   Eugene Ludwig, Washington, DC
  Darby Luxenberg, Alabama   Fiona Ma, California
  Steven Ma, California   Holly Macarro, California
  Kate Maeder, California   Bruce Magoon, Oklahoma
  Gregory Maguire, Massachusetts   Michelle Manatt, Virginia
  Eileen Mancera, New York   Tarkan Maner, California
  Susan Manilow, Illinois   John Manning, Massachusetts
  Jack Martin, Texas   Craig Martin, Illinois
  Trudy Mason, New York   Kenneth McClintock, Puerto Rico
  Attorney General Dustin McDaniel, Arkansas   Bobbi McDaniel, Arkansas
  Joyce McDaniel, Tennessee   Bonnie McEneaney, New York
  Nancy McGuinness, London   Dianne McKeever, New York
  Marie McKellar, New York   Mack McLarty, Washington, DC
  Donna McLarty, Arkansas   Ronnie McMorris, Massachusetts
  Michael McWherter, Tennessee   Joyce Menschel, New York
  Alida Messinger, New York   Sandra Meyer, New York
  Paulette Meyer, California   Robert Meyerhoff, Maryland
  Anthony "Tony" Miller, Japan   Linda Mitchell, Washington
  Linda Mitchell Price, Oklahoma   Kimberly Moore, North Carolina
  Maggie Moran, New Jersey   David Morehouse, Pennsylvania
  Pamela Morgan, California   Sara Morgan, Texas
  Peter Morris, California   Jared Moskowitz, Florida
  Ryan Murphy, California   Maureen Murray, New York
  Ed Neilson, Pennsylvania   Beth Newburger, Virginia
  Elizabeth Newman, Massachusetts   Gary Newman, California
  Craig Newmark, California   Caroline Niemczyk, New York
  Kenneth Niemeyer, Alabama   Lindsey Nitta, California
  Burke Norton, California   Ralph Nurnberger, Virginia
  Jodi Ochstein, Washington, DC   James Ogden, Mississippi
  Laurie Oseran, Washington, DC   Vance Owen, California
  Elizabeth Pang Fullerton, California   Joseph Paolino, Rhode Island
  Elliott Park, New York   Charles and Nancy Parrish, California
  Sharon Patrick, New York   Berniece Patterson, California
  C.E. Pat Patterson, California   James Pederson, Arizona
  C. Pennoni, Pennsylvania   Francie Pepper, Ohio
  Andres Pereira, Texas   Hilary Perkins, California
  Lisa Perry, New York   Richard Perry, New York
  Doug Phelps, Colorado   Aaron Pierce, New York
  The Honorable Stephen Pigeon, New York   Catherine Pino, Washington, DC
  Shervin Pishevar, California   Tony Podesta, Washington, DC
  Craig Pool, Alabama   Elisabeth Porter, Washington, DC
  Barry Porter, California   Joe Power, Illinois
  William Price, Oklahoma   Lisa Pritzker, California
  M. Sheila Rabaut, Washington, DC   Ed Radetich, Pennsylvania
  Kirk Radke, New York   Deepak Raj, New Jersey
  The Honorable Jenifer Rajkumar, New York   Wade Randlett, California
  Alyssa Rapp, California   Brett Ratner, California
  Brian Ratner, Ohio   Richard Raymond, Texas
  John Reginald Hill, Tenessee   Angel Reyes, Texas
  Tom Rhodes, Texas   Calvin Rhodes, Maryland
  Robbie Rich, Maryland   Laura Ricketts, Illinois
  Marcia Riklis, New York   Carlyn Ring, Washington, DC
  Renee Ring, New York   Michael Roberts, Arkansas
  Bill Robins, New Mexico   Jeanne Rohatyn, New York
  Israel Roizman, Pennsylvania   Ambassador Jim Rosapepe, Maryland
  Richard Rosen, California   Martha Rosenbaum, Maryland
  Peter Rosenstein, Washington, DC   Mi Rowe, Nebraska
  Ronald Rubin, Pennsylvania   Matthew Rubinger, New York
  Bijan Sabet, Massachusetts   Albert Saenz, Texas
  Carl Salas, California   Frank Sanchez, Florida
  Vicki Sant, Washington, DC   Ambassador Miriam Sapiro, Washington, DC
  Lisa Sardegna, California   Winslow Sargeant, Virginia
  Richard Schechter, Florida   Stephanie Schlatter, Washington, DC
  Elaine Schuster, Massachusetts   Jodi Schwartz, New York
  Safanya Searcy, New Jersey   Richard Segal, New York
  Representative Bakari Sellers, South Carolina   Pratima Shah, Illinois
  Herbert & Geri Shapiro, New York   Jonathan Sheffer, New York
  Sandy Sheller, Pennsylvania   Carl Shephard, Florida
  Meredith Shepherd, New York   Thomas Sheridan, Washington, DC
  Michael Shilinski, New York   Stuart Shorenstein, New York
  Ambassador Terry Shumaker, New Hampshire   Mark Siedlecki, Tenessee
  Jerome Siegel, New York   Bill Sims, Texas
  Sanford Sirulnick, New York   Cynthia Skaggs, Oklahoma
  Vicki Slater, Mississippi   Shanin Specter, Pennsylvania
  Roy Spence, Texas   Aprill Springfield, Louisiana
  Delegate Lionell Spruill, Virginia   Lois Stainman, New York
  Senator Darrell Steinberg, California   Paula Stern, Washington, DC
  Amy Sterner Nelson, Washington   Elizabeth Stevens, Washington, DC
  Bob Stien, New York   Michael Stratton, Colorado
  Lynn Straus, New York   Ken Sunshine, New York
  Steve Susman, Texas   Susan Swecker, Virginia
  Cissie Swig, California   Dilawar Syed, California
  Sylvia Tang, California   Len Tannenbaum, Pennsylvania
  Chairwoman Allison Tant, Florida   James Taylor, New York
  Douglas Teitelbaum, New York   Kimberly Templeton, Washington, DC
  Cherryl Thomas, Illinois   Tina Thomas, California
  Susan Thomases, New York   Andrew Tobias, New York
  Maria Elena Torano, Florida   Representative Eldophus Towns, New York
  Judy Trabulsi, Texas   Byron Trauger, Tenessee
  Michael Trujillo, California   Bonnie Turner, New York
  Carolyn Turner, Pennsylvania   Mark Turner, Pennsylvania
  Caren Turner, New Jersey   Thomas Unterman, California
  Senator Carlos Uresti, Texas   Franklin Urteaga, Washington, DC
  Richard Vague, Pennsylvania   Barbara Valaw, Pennsylvania
  Krishna Vallabhaneni, Virginia   Reggie Van Lee, Washington, DC
  Congressman Filemon Vela, Texas   Rafael Velez, Sr, Puerto Rico
  Lynn Morrison Venetoulis, Maryland   Maria Vullo, New York
  Nan Walden, Arizona   Dana Walden, California
  Michelle Walenz, California   Silda Wall, New York
  Natalya Wallin, Illinois   Jennifer Walske, San Francisco
  Karen Weinstein, California   Enid Weishaus, New York
  Congressman Robert Wexler, Washington, DC   William White, New York
  Carolyn Wiener, Connecticut   Constance Williams, Pennsylvania
  Elizabeth Williams, Washington, DC   Kelly Williams, New York
  Gloria Willliamson, Alabama   Marc Winkelman, Texas
  Brian Wishneff, Virginia   John Wolf, Florida
  Michelle Woods, Virginia   Lynn Wyatt, Texas
  Jim Xhema, Connecticut   Julian Yap, Washington, DC
  Howard Yellen, California   Burak Yeneroglu, New Jersey
  Trea Yip, Texas   Kneeland Youngblood, Texas
  John Zaccaro, New York   Karen Zachry, Texas
  William Zeckendorf, New York   Imaad Zuberi, California
  Helen Zukin, California   Joseph Zuritsky, Pennsylvania